iPhone X Green Line glitch

The iPhone X has had a bumpy first few weeks, harried at every turn with new glitches and problems. Thankfully, Apple has been very responsive in working on solutions. So let’s dive right in.

Screen Burn In (or static image ghosting)

The iPhone X has an OLED screen that is prone to burn in if a static image is displayed for a long period of time. You will be able to see outlines from the static image when you are doing other things on your phone.

Cold Temperature

Your iPhone X will stop working for a few minutes when suddenly exposed to cold temperatures. If it is exposed to below freezing for a long period of time, it may not work at all.

Green Line on Screen

Some users have reported a nasty green line across the side of the screen. This is due to a hardware defect. If yours is affected, send it back and get a new one.

Crackling Speakers

Some users have experienced a crackling noise when the speakers are at high volumes.

Easy Breakage

Despite the Gorilla Glass 4 on the iPhone X, and the claims of being the toughest phone on the market, the iPhone X has been demonstrated to break easily, even more so than previous versions.

Letter “i”

In iOS 11.1, users were not able to type the letter “i”. The OS would replace it with unreadable characters.

Constant Rebooting

A bug in iOS caused some units to reboot every 30 seconds.  Apple has released a patch.


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