Twitter has been exploding about it. Almost no one wants it to be repealed. You know what I’m talking about. Net Neutrality.

Net neutrality laws restrict ISPs from throttling (slowing down) traffic to selected sites, or making the user (or website owner) pay extra for faster loading or to even access the site at all. Imagine paying $5 a month to !access Twitter. Not a lot of people will do that. This will hurt brands that rely on customer feedback on these social networking sites. They can’t get feedback as easily, their product has problems and they don’t know it, and no one tells them, they just stop buying. Or what about political websites, heck, or even personal blogs that have expressed an inconvenient opinion? Those could be slowed down or even blocked altogether.

You can see now why taking away these laws affect not only freedom of speech, but also can put businesses out of business, and can hamper education purposes as well.

We encourage you to contact your senators and tell them to support net neutrality.

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