A number of Gmail users reported earlier today on Google’s Gmail Help Forum that their inboxes were suddenly flooded with ads that were apparently sent from their own accounts.
Most users reported that the messages appeared to have been sent from their own accounts, despite the fact that they were secured with updated passwords. The spammers used forged <from> headers to make the messages appear as though they came from their own account, and are suspected to originate from a Canadian telecommunications company called Telus in order to get the messages past spam filters. Because the messages appeared to be coming from the same user, Gmail filed the message into affected users’ sent folder.
A Google spokesperson told Teccstuff that it was a “spam campaign impacting a small subset of Gmail users” and that the company had already “actively taken measures to protect against it.” Telus also told Teccstuff that the messages aren’t coming from its servers, and that it’s working with vendors to solve the problem.


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