A patent filed in China by Samsung shows a notch in a phone. Could we just be seeing it wrong? No. The patent is very clear, there is a definitive notch in the top of the screen. We don’t know what phone, or if they will actually do this, but it’s right there in the Chinese patent office. I don’t know about you, but I really don’t want to see Samsung follow other Android makers and put a notch on their phone. You can do better, Samsung.

Samsung Notch patent

That isn’t the only thing, the patent also shows a dual camera setup aligned on the top left of the phone. Samsung has always put their cameras in the middle. Why be like Apple now?

I believe Samsung won’t put a notch on their phones anytime in the immediate future, and definitely on a flagsip, maybe one of the mid range phones they also make. I really don’t want to see Samsung go on this bandwagon.

(Renders in this gallery via Ben Geskin)

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