Spotify Releases New Features
REUTERS/Christian Hartmann

On Tuesday, Spotify announced that it would be updating it’s mobile app and adding more free features.

Non premium users are currently limited to shuffled songs, but Spotify is ading new on demand music for that segment of it’s users. Users of the free service will be able to listen on-demand to 15 of Spotify’s most popular playlists, including the personalized Discover Weekly mix and blockbuster hip-hop list Rap Caviar. The lists represent over 750 tracks, which is up to 40 hours of on-demand music.

“The free experience on Spotify is becoming a lot more like Spotify Premium,” said Babar Zafar, vice president of product development, during Tuesday’s Spotify presentation in New York. The changes will be rolling out to all it’s users over the newxt few weeks.

Spotify relies on it’s free service to attract more users to it’s Premium service, and it needs more users if it wants to withstand the freight train of Apple Music. There will be no changes in the Premium tier.

The company introduced other new features to the mobile app on Tuesday. They added a “data saver” setting which caches music in advance and changes things like video quality, so the app doesn’t use as much of precious data. The company said users can reduce mobile data usage by up to 75 percent using this setting.


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