Galaxy Fold screen broken

Many tech reviewers and YouTubers who received the new Samsung Galaxy Fold test units are reporting an array of problems they have run into while using the Galaxy Fold. What is more surprising is that many units did not last a week before major disaster struck.

The main problem is with the Fold’s screen. Many users removed an adhesive protective layer from the top of the screen believing it was a screen protector. This caused major damage to every phone that it was removed from.

Marques Brownlee even started peeling off the layer before he realized it was not supposed to be removed.

Steve Kovach, the tech editor at CNBC, also had screen problems with his test unit. One side of the display started flashing white, rendering it unusable after only one day.

The Verge had different problems with their test unit. After just one day, a bulge appeared in the screen, and eventually caused the screen to break. The Verge tester speculated that a piece of clay may have worked it’s way into the hinge of the unit.

Courtesy of The Verge

Dieter Bohn, the Verge‘s tester, wrote:

“Every phone with movable parts is going to have more points of failure than a fully sealed, static phone. So it’s natural to say that you need to treat it with more care than usual. Before I saw this bulge, my impression was that this phone was much more durable than I expected. The hinge always felt solid and well-built. That impression of (relative) durability is obviously as broken as the flexing screen now.”

This is Samsung’s second quality control issue on the last few years. Remember the exploding Note 7? Yeah. They need new quality control standards.

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