A popular YouTuber, James Merritt (known as “Into the water with James” on YouTube with over 25,000 subscribers) recently found a very valuable wedding ring in the Suwannee River while driving in Florida. He has put out a public call to find the owner, and anyone with any info (or is the owner) can contact him on his Facebook page (Into the Water with James) and he will ask some verification questions and can then return the ring.

Treasure diving” has become a sort of a past-time for James Merritt.
He’s been doing it for a few months now on the Suwannee River, but a lack of any interesting finds urged Merritt and a friend to search a new area along some docks.

“When we were coming on back down that’s when I mentioned hey let’s go ahead and dive at the docks I’ve always wanted to dive at the docks because I’ve always heard you find most of your items underneath the docks. Then he said oh look you’ll probably find a ring or something along those lines down there.”

Sure enough, he found the (almost) priceless price of jewelry. He could have kept it for his own, but decided to return it to the owner, prompting social media to praise him over his choice.

About James:

James Merritt (born: September 10, 1986) is a full-time YouTube and Facebook Influencer . Commonly known by his TV Show name Into The Water With James. They upload many scuba diving videos where they go out searching for treasures. Finding an array of items from sword from the 1930s, megalodon teeth and human remains. First gained popularity by exploring local waterways and cleaning the trash that others leave behind.

Before Fame: He grew up in Cadillac, Michigan and graduated from Cadillac High School. At age 25 he decided to move to Florida where he found his passion for cleaning the rivers and searching for treasure.

Trivia: He has been featured several times locally for his hard work on making the waterways cleaner.

Family Life: He has one older brother, Jason Merritt and a younger sister, Heather Merritt.

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