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The Snapdragon X Plus Drains Laptop Batteries Rapidly Under Prolonged Stress: 65% in Just 20 Minutes!


continues to make waves as their laptops featuring Snapdragon CPUs are being sent to analysts, websites, and influencers for evaluation. While much has been discussed about the Snapdragon X Elite, Qualcomm's flagship processor designed to compete with Apple, , and AMD, today we turn our attention to the budget range. Specifically, the Snapdragon X Plus has been found to have a significant battery drain issue under stress. When running Cinebench, the processor consumed a staggering 35% of the 's battery in just 20 minutes.

Benchmarks and specific tests are excellent for gauging performance, temperature, and power consumption to compare competitors. However, it's rare to see a stress test conducted over an extended period to observe how a CPU behaves after prolonged use. While today's case isn't an exhaustive study, it highlights that Qualcomm faces a serious problem.

Snapdragon X Plus Drains Surface Laptop 7 Battery by 35% in Just 20 Minutes

This is particularly surprising because the Snapdragon X Plus is perceived to have a more balanced performance-to-power ratio compared to Qualcomm's Elite options, signifying better overall .

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Yet, according to shared by Luke Miani on his channel, and referenced by WCCFTech, this isn't the case. The findings reveal a glaring issue when the Snapdragon X Plus is compared against Apple's M2 and M3 processors.

Cinebench 2024 Test Highlights Battery Drain Discrepancy

Running Cinebench 2024 and charging the batteries of both the and the Surface Laptop to 100%, the test showed that the Apple laptop only used up 10% of its battery over 20 to 25 minutes, maintaining a consistent consumption rate.

In stark contrast, the Snapdragon X Plus drained 35% of the Surface Laptop's battery over the same time period and stress conditions. Despite this, the Snapdragon X Plus achieved a final score of 752 points compared to Apple's 542 points.

Older Apple Laptop Still Outperforms in Battery Efficiency


It's even more astonishing because the Macbook Air has been in regular use for two years, suggesting its 52 Wh battery might have degraded slightly, yet it's still showing optimal performance. Conversely, the Surface Laptop, with its 54 Wh battery, experienced severe battery drain with the Snapdragon X Plus.

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Potential Optimization Issue?

Is this a software optimization problem? Possibly. Despite the minimal hardware differences between the Plus and Elite models, both using Oryon cores, Apple's advantage lies in its ability to optimize its software exclusively for its hardware. This isn't an issue for MacOS, which supports fewer CPUs compared to Windows.

Therefore, Microsoft and Qualcomm have work to do. Although Snapdragon processors are at a disadvantage with upcoming AMD and Intel releases, Qualcomm and Microsoft need to fine-tune and Oryon cores to prevent such anomalies. This kind of battery drain is unusual for low-power laptops and needs immediate attention.

For further details, you can check the full review on Luke Miani's YouTube channel.

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