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Huawei’s New Efficient Cores to be 75% Faster than Those in Kirin 9000S


Exciting rumors are circulating about the upcoming Huawei TaiShan cores that will be featured in their next generation of SoCs. Specifically, these new cores are expected to be very similar to Apple's E-Core, which are the smaller and more efficient cores found in Apple's mobile devices.

The TaiShan cores are anticipated to debut in a new Huawei SoC, poised to deliver a groundbreaking performance. Notably, the Kirin 9000S had already created a stir in the United States. Despite numerous bans and challenges, Huawei successfully launched its own 7 nm SoC with assistance from SMIC. Now, it is expected that Huawei will leverage a more advanced architecture with a , again utilizing SMIC .

Expect a 75% Performance Increase with Huawei TaiShan Cores

According to early leaks, the Huawei TaiShan cores, despite being low-power, will exhibit a significant performance boost. Benchmarking software Geekbench 5 indicates that these cores will deliver a single-core performance of 350 points. Comparatively, the Cortex-A510 used in the Kirin 9000S scores around 200 points. This marks an impressive 75% performance improvement for these efficiency-focused small cores.

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Enhancing Multi-core Workloads and Efficiency

This performance enhancement is substantial, whether contributing to multi-core workloads or providing robust performance in low-power modes. It is crucial to remember that these cores will be used in both laptops and desktops, not to mention server CPUs.

A server CPU equipped with a multitude of Huawei TaiShan cores that are now 75% faster represents a significant advancement. To counteract this, both AMD and have adapted their traditional architecture with more efficient cores to compete against Arm: Intel's E-Cores and AMD's 4c. These new cores were designed not only to defend against Arm but also against Intel's E-Cores.

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The HiSilicon Kirin 9100 SoC: A New Era


The Kirin 9100 SoC will be entirely new, incorporating both high-performance cores and the new Huawei TaiShan cores. However, Huawei is not expected to compete directly with giants like , , or just yet. Earlier rumors suggested an overall performance improvement of only 14%. Yet, the noticeable improvement is linked to energy efficiency, likely due to the 5 nm process from SMIC.

Reports from May suggest the Kirin 9100 SoC would perform similarly to a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 SoC, which was released in December 2021. This is notable for Huawei, as it would place them only three generations behind the top-tier SoC, considering the Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 is expected later this year. With these latest rumors, there is hope that Huawei has made further progress. This SoC is expected to debut at the end of the year in Huawei's next flagship smartphone, the Mate 70.

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