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Toys R Us Becomes the First Company to Create an Entire Ad Using Sora AI


Toys R Us proudly claims the distinction of being the first to unveil a commercial entirely created by (AI). This groundbreaking advertisement was showcased in Cannes, produced with OpenAI's most advanced specifically designed for generating highly realistic videos, known as Sora.

As expected, when scrutinized closely, there are elements that don't quite fit within the advertisement. For instance, at the very beginning on the left side, one can spot a design flaw where two cars appear to be merged together. However, such flaws are typically unnoticed by the general audience during a standard viewing of the commercial. Thus, achieving this advertisement with Sora's initial version is indeed a remarkable achievement. Imagine the possibilities as this AI continues to evolve, improving in quality and eliminating design errors.

Toys R Us Utilizes Sora AI to Showcase the Story of Its Founder

The primary objective of Toys R Us' AI-generated advertisement with Sora was to narrate the 's . The ad features a reenactment of the founder, , as a child. Additionally, it showcases “Geoffrey the Giraffe,” the company's created by Charles.

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Kim Miller Olko, president of Toys R Us Studios and a four-time Emmy award winner, co-produced the ad with Sora. The final product is an impressive blend of human and AI collaboration in creation. Sora can generate scenes up to one minute long, featuring multiple characters with high realism.

All that's required is to provide written instructions for Sora to transform into video content. The more detailed the instructions, the better the result, as demonstrated by this notable ad. This ad will be remembered as the first to be entirely generated by AI.

“Charles Lazarus was ahead of his time, and we wanted to honor his legacy with an ad utilizing the most advanced technology available. Partnering with Native Foreign to push the limits of OpenAI's Sora is truly exciting,” said Kim Miller Olko.

“Through Sora, we could tell this incredible story with remarkable speed and efficiency. Toys R Us is the perfect brand to embrace this advancing AI , and we are thrilled to work with their creative team to help lead the next wave of innovative ,” added Nik Kleverov.

Sora Signifies a Shift in Video Creation Industry

Just yesterday, Hollywood reached an agreement with leading studios to restrict the use of AI in their operations. The Toys R Us ad clearly demonstrates the near-term potential of AI. Currently, these are short advertisements, just over one minute long. In a few years or even months, we might be talking about full-length movies generated entirely by AI.

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Such movies can be produced rapidly, without a large human workforce. This means no need for actors, costume designers, makeup artists, and many other roles. Eventually, these productions will only require directors and their assistants, producers, screenwriters, or sound designers. This will significantly reduce production costs and enable the release of numerous movies in the time it would take to produce just one with traditional methods.

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